It’s our principles we like to stick to.

Over the years, we have found that adhering to a few guiding principles makes everything a little easier. Of course, we’re not perfect. But aspiring to be helps us in getting better every day

We ask, we listen

Getting to know our clients, their cultures and business models is the basis of our work. Thats why we always start with asking questions,. We may even spend a few visits at our clients place. And yes, we listen.

Customer first.

Our experience tells us it’s better this way. Not only because it is more efficient – the outcome is simply much better.

Prototype early, test often.

Again, our experience is a good guide. The sooner we recognise the pitfalls, the more likely it is that we will not fall for them later.

We work for our client’s customers.

It sounds obvious, but it’s not always a given. Keeping this simple fact in mind sometimes leads to unexpected results.

We may not do what you ask us to.

If you already know the solution, you probably don’t need us. If you’re open to approaches you haven’t thought of yet, we might be the right partner for you.

We prefer long-term partnerships.

And so do our clients, simply because it’s beneficial for both sides. However, we never take our partnerships for granted and give everything to earn them again and again.

Our clients trust us.

We have great respect for what our clients do. At the same time, we appreciate that our clients respect our work — after all, they hire us because we do something they can’t.

We don't work for free.

Our skills, our creativity and combined expertise of our team are what we have to offer. These resources and the process that leads to the results are what our clients reward us for.


We aren’t that hard to find just follow the teh tarik smell and twang of Malaysian voices in the air!